Mock Test

Taking a Mock Driving Test

I would strongly advise anyone preparing for the practical driving test, to take a Mock test at least two weeks before. This will give both instructor and pupil a chance  to have a much better insight of your ability to drive independently. It will also allow the  instructor to assess any weakness that may occur and provide time to go for further training, to improve where necessary, or to reschedule your test date.

Success or failure?

Your mental approach, based on your past training, will strengthen your resolve when entering for your mock test. You should have the mind-set that you are here to” pass your test” because you are the best you can possibly be- and please do not turn up to “give it a go” or just attempt the test. If you’re not ready, then wait until you are ready! Another piece of sterling advice: don’t rely on the recommendation of your friends, brother and sister as a guarantee you will pass!

You have to perform 100% on test day, no matter what situations you face on the day.  Rely upon your training, calmness, and above all enjoy and have fun.


After you passed your DSA driving test, perhaps when driving by yourself for the first time, then there is a sudden realization that this is not the end, it’s only the beginning! The beginning of a lifelong pursuit, the importance lays in the actual journey-not the destination. Through the tireless hours and hours of hard training you begin to discover the true value of your training. It teaches us that we should constantly search for self-improvement through the forging and testing of our mind and body, only then you realizes-you’re on a lifelong challenge and pursuit of refinement.

Regards, Kam

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