Our Guarantee

We guarantee that:

Each lesson will be taken by a professional driving instructor licensed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

A modern and clean car will be provided for each lesson

Each lesson will last a FULL 60 minutes

Each lesson will be conducted on a one to one basis with no other learner driver in the car (no piggy back)

Late Cancellation

If a test is cancelled because of examiner sickness the pupil would still need to pay for lesson covering the duration of the test (usually 2 hours). The payment can be claimed back from the Driving Standards Agency. We would issue the pupil with a receipt which the pupil would need to send to the DSA or to complete the relevant part of the reimbursement form. The pupil would receive 2 hours tuition and the Driving Standards Agency will rearrange another appointment for the test. For further details please have a look at the compensation code.

If a pupil fails to give the instructor a MINIMUM OF TWO WORKING DAYS NOTICE when cancelling a lesson, the fee for the lesson will be charge in full

Road safety

We reserve the right to withdraw our cars for a test without notice should the pupil prove not to be up to test standard.


We cannot be held responsible for postponement of lesson due to illness or mechanical breakdown, nor for driving tests postponed by the Driving Standards Agency.


The following is extracted from a DSA leaflet regarding compensation. For further information regarding compensation from the DSA please have a look at their website at www.dsa.gov.uk or contact them directly.

Compensation Code

We shall usually refund your test fee, or rebook your test without further charge if

we cancelled your test

you cancelled and gave us at least

three clear working days if you were taking a theory test, or

three clear working days if you were taking a practical test

If you cancelled your test at short notice for medical reasons (we need to see a letter or certificate from your doctor)

you keep the test appointment but the test does not take place or is not finished for a reason that is neither your fault, nor the fault of the vehicle in which you were taking your test.

We shall also refund certain expenses that you incurred on the day of the test if we cancelled your test at short notice, unless it was because of bad weather or poor light. We do consider reasonable claims for

any standard pay or earnings you lost through taking unpaid holiday leave (usually for half a day), after tax and national insurance contributions but excluding any overtime/commission payments

the cost of travelling to and from the test centre if you were taking a theory test, or the cost of hiring a vehicle for the test, including travelling to and from the test centre if you were taking a practical test (generally up to one and a half hours of vehicle hire, unless you had a long way to travel). Costs are usually based upon your instructor””s hourly lesson rate, rather than upon a flat rate applied by your instructor for use of the vehicle on the day of the test.

We do not pay the cost of driving lessons that you arranged prior to a particular test appointment, or extra lessons that you decide to take while awaiting a rescheduled test.

If you wish to claim compensation, please write to theory test operations, or practical test operations, and send a receipt showing travels costs, car hire charges and/or an employer””s letter which shows the earnings you lost. If you were taking a practical test, you may ask your instructor to complete the relevant part of the reimbursement form instead of sending in a receipt to confirm a car hire charges.

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